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Journal "Medici.com" mosaic of medical communications, is a professional-educational magazine, for the medical profession, medical conceptual communication, but also a wider readership audience -users of health services. It was founded by Pusac  familie, and the first issue was printed in 2003.

Our goal is to connect users and providers of occupational health, on expert and scientific basis, to  spread information in the field of modern medicine and to publish, in a unique and specific way: projects, presentations, advertisements, reports, health promotion, to improve and preserve our health in communications with world experts in various fields medicine, and other technologies that contribute to the health,  and to show the correct address for those who suffer from illness and direct them to the path of healing.

Let’s get together

• Today, when the magazine “Medici.com” is printed, we are addressing you with a call / appeal to join the common work active / creative.

• Your knowledge and your support will constantly allow improving of Public Health / Living Conditions and  National Economy.

• We - Invite: COUNTRY - REGION - CITIES - DEVELOPMENT GROUPS & STRATEGIC PARTNER to set up a “JOINT PARTNERSHIP” and achieve “JOINT PROGRAMS - PROJECTS” and to actively join the “MEDICI.COM” journal.

• Participating in international activities: RESEARCH - DEVELOPMENT - EDUCATION AND TREATMENT, we met with respectable people of  SCIENCE / KNOWLEDGE and GRATEFUL PATIENTS, which has encouraged us to continue our journey of Hippocrates and other creators - the Humanist of LIFE.

Prim. Dr  Momir Pusac    Professor Dusko Vulic, MD, FESC, FACC
Editor in Chief    Member of Scientific Council

(City of Banja Luka • 2017 • Your Partner)


Editor in Chief:
Prim. Momir Pusac and Jelena Pušac-Broćilović
Executive Editor:
Andja S. Ilic
Technical Editor:
Srecko Bojic
Translation into English:
Dr Slavisa Udovicic

Expert scientific medical council newsroom: Academician prof. Miodrag Ostojic, Academician, Professor. Dr. Drenko Šećerov-Zecevic, academician Prof. Dr. Miodrag Colic, prof. Zoran Popovic, professor. Dr Miodrag Jevtic, professor. Dr. Zoran Rakocevic, prof. Dr. Vaso Antunovic, prof. Danica Grujičić, prof. Dr. Ljiljana Vujotić, prof. Dr. Srboljub Golubovic, prof. Dr. Dusko Vulic, prof. Dr. Dusko Vasic, prof. Dr. Zdenka Krivokuća, prof. Dr. Senad Mehmedbašić, prof. Dr. Sandra Lazarevic, prof. Miroslav Petković, mr. Sc. ph. Pero Rokvić, mr. ph. Natasha Grubiša, prof. Snežana Pejičić, PhD. Slavica Zizic-Borjanović, mr. ph. Zlata Žuvela, prof. Dr. Enver Zerem and prof. Dr. Elizabeta Ristanovic.

Expert advice newsroom: prim. Dr. Lela Popovic, prim. Dr. Slavko Dunjić, prim. Dr. Mira Popovic, MA. ph. Dragan Reljic, Dr. Rade Dubajić Dr Danica Mihajlovic, Mr. Živana Vukovic -Kostic, mr. sci. med. Branislav Lolić, prim. Dr. Boro Gužvić, Dr. Dusan Bastašić, Dr. Goran Račetović, mr. ph. Rada Krca, Amra Odobasic and Natasa Aleksic
Editorial: 78000 Banja Luka, Branko Copic 15, Tel: +387 (0) 51 318 606,
+387 (0) 65 603 346; e-mail: medici.com@teol.net; medicicom.com@gmail.com www.medicicom.com
Publisher: "Association Medici.com" Banja Luka, Branko Copic 15
Publisher: "Medici.com" Banja Luka, Branko Copic 15

Director: Vera Pusac
Sales, marketing, promotion in BiH: Jelena and Bojan Bročilović
Promotion and marketing for Serbia Beoimpex AD Beograd tel. +381 11 38 09 715
Legal Advisor: Jovana Pusac, a lawyer from Banja Luka, Branko Copic 15, +387 65692377
Print "Atlantik bb" Banja Luka
Photo: Bojan Crnokrak tel. 066 / 454-211
The journal is published every two months

CONTACT Prim. Dr Momir Pusac, Editor in chief

E-mail: medicicom.com@gmail.com; medici.com@teol.net  

Tel / fax: +387 51 318 606

Mob: +387 65 603 346

Mob: +387 65 591 337

Address: Nikola Pasic 26, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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